Emotionally Consumed

Photo By: David Castillo Dominici

Photo By: David Castillo Dominici

All I know is to be who I am. Who I was wired to become. A dreamer, a feeler, an intense thinker.

I’m a girl with ambition who holds too many thoughts, too many feelings. It consumes me, it drives me, and it tears me down.

When I speak, when I ask questions, as I try to make meaningful conversation, it can tear others apart. It opens their wounds. It reveals the darkest areas of their souls. Thus, they become naked and threatened.

I’ve unlocked the door where their pain resides. I’ve hit home. I’ve touched the sore wound. …And most times, I didn’t even know I had done so. Speaking with such depth and emotion is natural for me.

Feelings bleed through the words I speak, through my eyes, through almost everything I do. I cannot hide them. These feelings are who I am. Call me vulnerable. Call me sensitive. This I already know.

I apologize for causing such harm. For pushing too far, for coming undone, and for bringing upon any discomfort and tears.


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