Money Isn’t Everything

Photo Credit: by worradmu at

Photo Credit: by worradmu at

It’s not about how nice your home is, the possessions you have, what you can buy, or how much you make. It’s all about your character, family, and how you treat people. Were you honest? Were you loyal? Did you put family first? In the end, will money and possessions even matter?  It’s smartest to focus on how you wish to be remembered by others. The things you’ve said, the things you’ve done, and the time you’ve spent with them.  If money is more important, it may be time to rethink your morals and values. Think about how you will and want to be remembered. Will you be proud or ashamed? Money isn’t everything and greed is extremely unattractive.


4 responses to “Money Isn’t Everything

  1. Hi Kait, a very nice message. We have a saying: ”Money? What is money? Pigs don’t even eat it, why crave it?”

    -original message- Subject: [New post] Money Isn’t Everything

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