Photo by: David Castillo Dominici

Photo by: David Castillo Dominici

If you rarely speak to me, how am I to know you ever think of me?

If you don’t spend time with me, how am I to know you care?

If you don’t keep your word, how am I able to trust you?

If you don’t give me a chance to express my thoughts, how do I know I am valued?

If you never praise me for what I do, how am I able to feel sure of myself?

If you never ask, but always assume, how will you ever know the truth?

If you think I am not hurting, you are wrong…

How can you live your life pretending everything is okay?

How can you know I exist, but never take the time to see me or ask how I am?

Maybe you assume I need space since I’m a grown adult now.

Did it ever cross your mind that I may feel left out or hurt?

Do you ever realize that I may feel ignored and abandoned?

Don’t you know how stressful my life has been?

Do you even care how I may feel or do you just brush it off?

Why must you only contact me when you need something?

How can you not realize that it makes me feel like a piece of crap?

Did you forget that I am your family?

Did you forget that I have feelings too?

You may wonder why I rarely visit or speak to you..

I feel like I’m intruding or interrupting when I am there.

I don’t feel valued.

My opinions or words don’t and have never seemed to matter.

Sometimes I feel lost and have feelings that no one cares about me.

So, if you do care about me, why don’t you show it?

You always told me over and over that actions speak louder than words.

Yet, you cannot apply the same knowledge to your own life.

Can you see why I am confused?

Can you see why I’m hurt?

Sometimes I wish you knew how very messed up I feel and how it always goes unnoticed…



10 responses to “Unnoticed

  1. Touching and provoking thought, surely. Kinda how God feels when we ignore Him. Favour comes through relationship, not by mere knowledge. Can we see why Jesus wept?

  2. I am going through something right now and your post made me realise the mistakes that I have been making. Wonderful post. And a great title for your blog. Great work.

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