The Soul He Loves

Credit: Photo by Kookkai_nak

I cannot bear to look him in the eyes, for he will know the truth of what I am.

My stomach in knots.

My heart is pounding.

My mind is racing, clouded with fear.

Little did I know, this love must be real…

The way he smiles leaves me guessing.

Forever wondering what he sees.

Is there something on my face?

What about me could he possibly embrace?

I’m far from perfect.

I’m blunt as can be.

I’m not like the other girls you may normally see.

I have an odd sense of humor.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am as loyal as can be until you ask me to leave.

I over-think and over-analyze every little thing.

I’m a careless girl with a million dreams.

I am a mess of chaos spiraling out of control.

Yet he proceeds to love my soul.


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